Finals Week De-Stress

Finals are the most stressful times at College...but how to cope?  A Harvard Study has the answer... learn something new!  Why not AXE THROWING!   

"One of the best relievers of stress and improved cognitive development, is the  learning of a new skill, one that challenges both the body and the mind" - Dr. Sohail Punjwani.  Click here to read the Harvard Study

Not only is axe throwing a top trending and fun activity, it's safer than you think!  Why bring us to your Campus? 

  • Axecessive Force is largest mobile axe throwing provider on the east coast and considered the gold standard  

  • We go all out!  We even customize our targets to show your school colors and logos  

  • We can setup our top notch axe throwing units anywhere you want, indoors or outdoors

  • Booking is fast and easy

  • We've been hosted by great schools like Adelphi University, Lafayette University, Le Moyne College, Lebanon Valley College, Thiel College and many more!

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