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IRL Rock-It League

All the fun of the popular video game with a screens.  It's fo realz!  RC cars plus our custom arena create an inclusive interactive activity!

How does IRL Rock-It League work?

The Field, we call it the ARENA, is 26 feet by 20 feet wide.  Guests choose to be either on the Blue team or Orange team.
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Offices in Pennsylvania & Georgia


What People Are Saying?

"The axe throwing and the IRL Rocket League were part of a larger day of activities, and it was nice to have a company that was self-sufficient and easy to work with be part of our day, so we could focus our time and energy on other activities we were doing in-house.  Everything looked high-quality and was visually appealing, from the Rocket League arena to the axe throwing lanes.  The staff was fantastic, and I heard multiple comments that the rocket league staff were super fun and high energy."
Thomas College 
Senior Coordinator of Student Activities
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