Got Questions?  See Below

  1. What is the length of the unit and/or footprint?

    1. The combined length and width of the truck and trailer is around 46 feet long by 8 feet wide.  However, we need space to pull in and out of the location.  It should be noted, with my magic touch, I can fit into seemingly impossible spaces.

    2. The trailer if disconnected from the truck is 8 x 28 feet.  Space around the trailer should be open to allow a spectator area.

  2. Do you have setup requirements?

    1. Reasonably flat area for trailer stability.

    2. The entrance to the trailer is on the drivers side of the trailer.  This area has to be clear for walking.

    3. A 12x12 area for waiver signing and safety briefing, this is usually behind the trailer.

    4. I can be fully self-contained, including a generator for night events (with a fee).

    5. If children will be present, we place a velcro axe throwing area on the side of the trailer outside the cage, this are requires 10 feet for throwing space.

  3. Is it safe?  (Guest Safety and Liability)

    1. Short answer, yes!

    2. We require all axe throwers to sign our waiver.  (the venue can include their waiver with ours)

    3. All throwers receive a mandatory safety briefing.

    4. All throwers must wear close-toed shoes.  We will provide loaner shoes but can not guarantee they will be cool.

    5. Our insurance requires all axe throwers are age 16 and over, however, the minor must have their parent or guardian with them at all times.  This is subject to change.

    6. No visibly intoxicated throwers.  We reserve the right to refuse any guest that we believe could be dangerous to themselves or others.

  4. What if it rains and/or bad weather?

    1. Unfortunately, we don't have any means of keeping the trailer out of the rain unless the event provides us with cover.  Even in the event of rainy weather, we host bookings with our mobile trailer.  Fortunately, it's still fun to throw axes in the rain!

    2. If the venue decides to cancel the booking for weather, we require 24 hours notice and we cannot refund the deposit.

  5. What is your insurance coverage?

    1. We have coverage with Zodiak Insurance, a specialty provider to mobile amusements.  If you would like to see the policy and Certificate of Insurance we can email the policy to your staff.                                       

  6. How many guests per hour can the experience accommodate?

    1. It varies, dependent on the type of experience booked by the venue.  We are flexible and can modify the throwing time frame from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.  The administrative mumbo-jumbo takes about 5 minutes (read/sign the waiver, do a safety briefing, be shown proper throwing technique) and is not figured into the actually length of the axe throwing experience.  After completing the safety portion the guests are ready to throw! Once the guest has finished the throwing session, we offer an option to return for a competition to crown the day's champion!  It should be noted that if no one is waiting, the guests can throw as long as they want.  Also, children will be able to use the velcro axe throwing targets, as you know, the family that throws axes together, stays together!

  7. Can our guests drink and throw axes?

    1. Yes, absolutely, definitely, it should be a requirement in our opinion.

  8. Do you sell merch?

    1. Yes we sell t-shirts and sometimes axes depending on the venue.

  9. How does the travel fee work?

    1. Round trip travel up to 50 miles from Bangor, PA is free of charge.  Round trip travel over 50 miles will incur a $1.50 per mile fee.  For example, round trip travel of 100 miles, includes 50 miles free, 50 miles x $1.50=$75.   

  10. We have a tight budget, can you charge our guests for the experience per person?

    1. Yes we can if the event is large enough (20K plus).  The travel fee still applies.  The charge to the guest is usually $10 per person for 10 minutes of throwing time with the option to return for the competition to crown the day's champion.  Keep in mind when the venue buys the attraction for their guests, the impact on the event is much bigger!

  11. Why so pricey, I can do this in my backyard, it's just a trailer with a target and some axes, right?

    1. Our insurance costs are insane!  Even though axe throwing is a safe activity, the insurance company charges us an absurdly high premium.  You also get a lot at your event including: two skilled coaches, a truck, an engineered trailer to ensure the highest safety possible, and so many other expenses we won't bore you with.

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