Axe Throwing Professionals

Who We Are

We are a top provider in high quality axe throwing experiences.  We are currently based out of Bangor, Pennsylvania and Atlanta Georgia but we travel all over the east coast building axe throwing lanes. Our company was founded by Stephen Caruso who is  a professional builder, axe/knife thrower, juggler and comedian (yes, we realize that sounds like an odd combination of skills).  We strive to provide your home with an awesome feature your guests will love.  

Avoid Axe Throwing Without Safety Measures

Sure, it's cheap to throw some wood together and chuck an axe it, but this simply isn't safe!

Expert Home Axe Throwing Lanes

Complete with Safety Caging and materials to reduce the risk of ricochets.

Professional Axe Throwing Coaches Available

After installation our Axe throwing Coaches are available for in person or virtually training. 

What Does It Cost?

Contact us for a Quote. The following will always be included:

  • Safety Caging and Targets

  • Throwing Axes

  • Safety and Throwing Lesson After Installation

  • Scoring Devices


  • Custom Targets

  • Premium materials (Shiplap, cedar, etc.)

  • Monthly Replacement Target Boards

  • Specialty Axes

  • Professional Axe Throwing Coach Training

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